Top 10 Shopping Places in Bugis

Top 10 Shopping Places in Bugis

Bugis is one of the key shopping destinations in Singapore. It attracts a lot of fashionistas and students who are looking for value deals in fashion. If you are looking to spend some time in this area, check out our map on 'Top 10 Shopping Places in Bugis'. If you are an Android or iPhone user, download the Anymap app, bookmark this map and browse through your places of interest. You can like the pins, comment and also share it with your friends.

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1. Arab Street
Arab Street Bugis
This shopping street is situated in the Kampong Glam neighborhood. Situated in the lane leading to Sultan Mosque, it consists of shop selling silk clothes, laces, carpets, accessories and gems. Some unique boutiques selling clothes are also present here. Plenty of eating options around. Shops are generally open from 12pm-9pm daily.

2. Bugis Street
Bugis Street
This street is a budget place for shopping. Many fashionistas head here for shopping good stuff as a lot of trendy items are sold here. There are 3 storeys of shopping hidden in the narrow lanes in the street, so keep a watch out for the signs indicating directions. Travel souvenirs can be purchased here. Timings: 11am-10pm

3. Sim Lim Square
Sim Lim Square Bugis
It is a giant technology mall situated in Bugis. There are too many choices in electronics spread across many floors and you get quality stuff. You will find competitive prices here and its totally worth buying from here.

4. Haji Lane
Haji Lane Bugis
It is a colorful street filled with restaurants and clothes boutiques. You will find rare pieces in these boutiques which might cater to your taste. There are interesting murals on the wall which make a pretty sight.

5. Bugis Junction
Bugis Junction
This shopping mall is housed under a glass dome and has lots of decent clothing brands to shop. There are also plenty of nice dining options and you can easily spend 2-3 hours here.

6. Bugis+
Bugis Plus
This plush mall houses independent designers housing locally designed clothes. It also has some branded stores and good dessert options right from gelato to local options. There is also a cinema theatre here.

7. Albert Mall
Albert Mall Bugis
This is a lane of street vendors offering a range of unusual goods and services. you can also spot some Chinese medicine shops for various ailments. There is also the trishaw ride experience that can be taken.

8. Sungei Road Thieves Market
Albert Mall Bugis
A good place to browse through old trinkets, souvenirs and watches and some quirky artwork. All goods are legitimate and properly regulated.

9. Golden Mile Complex
Golden Mile Bugis
If you want your Thai fix - right from buying Thai ingredients, music, DVDs to eating good Thai food, then straightaway head to this place.

10. Beach Road Army Market
Army Market Bugis
It stocks a vast amount of army surplus.Right from boots to camping gear to jackets, everything can be found here.

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