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If you are an influencer or a media company and wondering if you should publish some of your content on Anymap, you have come to the right place. Let me tell you why you should do it and how to get started.


Why publish on Anymap?

The main reason bloggers, Instagram influencers, lifestyle web sites and many others choose to publish their content on Anymap is that we are different from other social platforms. Instead of organizing content chronologically, content on Anymap is organized by proximity to the user. This means that points of interest that is nearest to the user’s current location are the easiest to find. This way we allow them to quickly find places nearby that you have recommended.

Normally when you publish on your web site or social media feed, content is organized chronologically, which means that content you published three months ago is harder for readers to find. New content also gets a lot of attention whereas older content gradually disappears in the news feed even though it may still be very relevant. This stands true especially to readers who are nearby a place you wrote about.

So by publishing on Anymap you achieve twofold benefits - give your followers an easier way to access your geo-specific content and give your content a longer life span as it will still be easily accessible to readers when they need it.


How to get started?

Getting started with Anymap is easy! You just download our free app and set up an account associated with your brand. Then you can start creating and sharing maps right away!

Should you have a lot of existing content and wish to convert it to Anymap content but feel that the manual process would take too long you can contact me below and our team will assist you.


Looking forward to seeing your content on Anymap!



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