Unique Fitness Sessions in Singapore

Unique Fitness Sessions in Singapore

Most people are always on the lookout to lose a couple of pounds. If your threshold for gym exercises has been lost with a number of gym packages lying unutilized, then these new and fun exercises are just for you. From wall rope yoga to aqua fitness, we have the perfect alternative workout session recommendations that will help you to stay fit and healthy. Get on the fitness trail with our map on ‘Unique Fitness Sessions In Singapore’. Bookmark the map and check out all the fun classes happening around you and use our check-in feature to let your friends know your favourite places. Download our application today on both Play Store and iTunes. You can like the pins, comment and share the map with your friends today!

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1. Wall Rope Yoga
Wall Rope Yoga Fitness Sessions
Wall and rope and yoga? What an interesting method of exercising. This class involves mainly ropes and a pelvic swing to lengthen the spine during poses. This rope wall can help you get a fresh perspective in the understanding of the yoga postures (aasanas).
Website: http://www.pure-yoga.com/singapore

2. Surfset Singapore
Surfset Singapore Fitness Sessions
Surfset Fitness is the world’s most unique workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, and balance & core training in one 45-minute routine, performed on top of a custom made unstable surfboard. Inspired by the physical demands of surfing, the Surfset workout concept can make you achieve that surf bod you ever wanted!
Website: http://www.surfset.sg/

3. Pulse @ Virgin Yoga
Pulse Fitness Sessions
Party at a gym? Bright fluorescent light from the luminous glow sticks in your hands while exercising? They offer an innovative dance programme where you feel like you are partying – but it’s a healthy form of partying. Check them out today!
Website: http://www.virginactive.com.sg/

4. SaberFit Singapore
Saberfit Fitness Sessions
A combination between wielding combat sabers and working out? First ever 45-minute session which combines saber striking techniques with a full-body workout with cardio, plyometrics, and core and abdominal exercises. You can look forward to fitness sessions like these!
Website: http://www.saber.fit/

5. BOUNCE Singapore
Bounce Singapore Fitness Sessions
They say 30 min of jumping = 10 min of running. Never knew jumping could be as effective as running. What a great way to start keeping fit with BOUNCE Singapore, the ultimate indoor playground.
Website: http://www.bounceinc.com.sg/

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6. PoundFit Singapore
Poundfit Singapore Fitness Sessions
Here at PoundFit Singapore, they incorporate the use of Ripstix, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.
Website: https://poundfit.com/

7. PoleLAB Singapore
PoleLAB Singapore Fitness Sessions
One of the trendy and unique ways to stay fit is through pole dancing. PoleLAB is one of the first pole gyms in Singapore dedicated to attaining fitness through pole exercises and pole circuit training programmes.
Website: http://www.polelab.com.sg/

8. Upside Motion Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga Fitness Sessions
Upside motion aerial yoga combines traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics techniques into an all-encompassing workout for your mind and body using silk hammock.
Website: http://upsidemotion.com/

9. Bokwa Fitness Singapore
Bokwa Fitness Sessions
While dancing, the participants draw out letters and numbers with their feet as a workout routine while losing some 1000 over calories. What a cool way of remaining fit.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/EvolutionFitness.asia/

10. Singapore Sports Hub Aqua Fitness
Singapore Sports Hub Fitness Sessions
At the Singapore Sports Hub, they have various types of unique fitness methods: aqua aerobics, aqua bike, aqua kickboxing and many more. It helps anyone who wishes to work out.
Website: http://www.sportshub.com.sg/Pages/default.aspx

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