Top 10 places to eat Japanese food in Singapore

Top 10 places to eat Japanese food in Singapore

Japan offers a plethora of options in terms of food. In Singapore, it is possible to find authentic Japanese food in good restaurants. For those of you visiting Singapore or staying here, you can find sushi, sashimi, soba, ramen etc. to satiate your palate. Here are the top 10 restaurants in the Japanese food map presented on AnyMap.

1. Ginzawa
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2. Shimbashi Soba
Shimbashi Soba
A rare restaurant offering quality vegetarian Japanese food. They have a separate veg menu in which their buckwheat soba noodles are the most famous. It is quite affordable for the serving portions. The tempura and broth variety of dishes are also very good.

3. Itacho Sushi
Itacho Sushi
They offer a variety of sushi at friendly prices. Try rolls and nigiris made with fresh ingredients and the salmon skin sushi.
Website: Itacho Sushi

4. Marutama Ramen
Marutama Ramen
They dish up some tasty chicken broth ramen. The noodles are nice and they are a pretty sight. Worth trying.

5. Monster Curry
Monster Curry
This is Japanese comfort food at its best. The curry has different spice levels and you can pick your choice.It will resemble like roti prata gravy and has bold flavours at affordable prices.

6. Five Izakaya Bar
Five Izakaya Bar
They have made a great effort to make the bar look good inside out. The beer goes at the rate of an affordable rate of $5. It has a decent selection of snacking eats.

7. Ki-Sho
Set in a heritage bungalow setting, this restaurant is situated in calmness, The chef is very friendly and ensures that you have a good dining experience. The sake and sushi are extremely good. Also try the desserts to end your meal on a sweet note.
Website: Ki-Sho

8. Tampopo
The tonkatsu and shabu ramen are the best food items here.It also has very good sushi and salmon food items. Very pretty dishes in terms of visual appeal.
Website: Tampopo

9. Chikuwa Tei
Chikuwa Tei
This place serves very good sushi rice bowls. They have good combination of meal sets.

10. Yoshinoya
Fast and affordable beef rice bowls that always hit the spot. They have healthy options which will make you have a good gyu-don experience.