Shoe Repair Shops in Singapore

Shoe Repair Shops in Singapore

During mid commute, its most common to find heel breaks. And other times some soles genuinely need repair and mending. For a quick fix in between work, its always nice to find a convenient cobbler ot a shoe fix shop to attend to your precious footwear. We bring to you some of the 'Shoe Repair Shops in Singapore'. If you are an Android or iPhone user, download the Anymap app, bookmark this map and browse through your places of interest. You can like the pins, comment and also share it with your friends.

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1. Benson Cobbler Store
Benson Cobbler Shoe Repair
This shop is convenient for a quick fix for people who work in the CBD. This cobbler mends your shoes in such a way that they look new.

2. Advance Shoe Repair
Advance Shoe Repair
Their workmanship is top notch.

3. Mister Minit
Mister Minit Shoe Repair
Good shop but pricey. Good to try if it happens to be near to your area of convenience.

4. Master Fix Services
Master Fix Shoe Repair
If you want to mend your precious designer shoes, then this shop would be perfect for you. They have expertise in this area and do a good job.

5. Shukey
Shukey Shoe Repair
They do a good job in repairing shoes at reasonable prices. The customer service is good.

6. Yamaguchi Taro's Shop
Yamaguchi Shoe Repair
Mr.Yamagachi is one of the best cobblers in Singapore. He does his art with passion and his daughters have taken over from him. You can trust him with your best shoes and he ensures quality mending of them. They are now located next to SINGPOST POPStation express mailboxes services which is along the slope going towards Swensen’s Restaurant. Else they are near the entrance to Yishun interchange from Northpoint. Timings: 1.30 pm - 11.30 pm

7. People's Park Complex
People's Park Shoe Repair
There are a set of neighbourhood shops to repair shoes as soon as you come into People's Park Complex. They are the traditional experts who have been around for ages and do a remarkable job in repairing your shoes. Timings: 8am-6pm

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