Murder Scenes in Singapore

Murder Scenes in Singapore

Though Singapore is a safe country, there have been some gruesome crimes in its history. Some such violent crime scene spots have been plotted on AnyMap.

Gold Bar Murders
Gold Bar
In December 1972, a group of 10 men killed businessman Ngo Cheng Poh and his employees, Leong Chin Woo and Ang Boon Chai, and robbed them of 120 gold bars. Andrew Chou worked as a ground operations supervisor with Air Vietnam in Singapore. His job enabled him to pass through airport security with ease. He became involved in smuggling gold for three syndicates in Singapore. In late 1971 the syndicates Chou was smuggling for started to mistrust him and reduced their smuggling operations. In response Chou decided to rob and kill whoever sent the next consignment of gold. At midnight on 29 December 1971, Chau and his associates attacked and killed Ngo Cheng Poh and his employees, Leong Chin Woo and Ang Boon Chai in the kitchen of Chou’s house at 19 Chepstow Close. The dead bodies were put into a car and dumped in thick sludge beside a disused mining pond in Jalan Lembah Bedok. On 30 December, the police discovered the bodies at Jalan Tiga Ratus following an anonymous tip. Chou and six of his accomplices were hanged in Changi Prison on 28 February 1975.
SOURCE: Gold Bar Story

Curry Murder
Curry Murder
Ayakannu Marithamuthu, a 34-year-old caretaker, vanished in December 1984. He had lived near Orchard Road Presbyterian Church in Singapore and The police alleged that Marithamuthu was killed in the caretakers quarters of the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church. On 23 March 1987, investigators brought in six individuals for questioning. Charges were brought but the defendants were released on the day of the trial due to lack of evidence. During the two-year-long investigation, neither Marithamuthu's body nor murder weapons were recovered. The incident has been referred to as the Curry Murder, because of allegations that the victim's body was cooked into a curry before being disposed of in garbage containers. His wife and her three brothers were charged in 1987, but released in the same year because of lack of proof. The brothers were re-arrested, then released in June 1991 after spending four years in prison.
SOURCE: Curry Murder Story

Killer Maid
Killer Maid
On 7th September 2005: Filipino domestic worker Guen Garlejo Aguilar (Left) killed another Filipino domestic worker, Jane Parangan La Puebla, over a sum of S$2,000 that La Puebla owed her. La Puebla visited her at the Sunglade apartment, unit 08-23, where she worked when a bitter argument ensued between them. This soon escalated into an exchange of blows. The fight started in Aguilar’s room and subsequently spilled into the laundry area. In the midst of their struggle, Aguilar grabbed La Puebla’s neck tightly with her right hand. She then took a cushion with her left hand and smothered the deceased’s face. After sensing that the deceased was not moving, Aguilar removed the cushion. At this point the La Puebla began to move both her hands. Aguilar then used both her hands and strangled La Puebla until she stopped breathing. She hid La Puebla's body in her room for two days before dismembering it and dumping the body parts near Orchard MRT Station and MacRitchie Reservoir. The court found her guilty of manslaughter and sentenced her to 10 years imprisonment in May 2006.
SOURCE: Killer Maid Story

Ang Mo Kio Double Tragedy
Ang Mo Kio
On 4 June 2014, 51-year-old Andrea Tay Su Lin killed her 75-year-old mother, Rosaline Lim with a knife and chopper in the living room of their 6th floor flat at Ang Mo Kio. Over 100 stab and cut wounds were found on Mdm Lim’s body. When the police officers arrived at the scene, Tay glanced briefly at them before jumping to her death through the kitchen’s window, severing her legs in the process. Tay was suspected to be mentally unsound and had always harbored thoughts of killing her mother, whom she blamed for her grandmother’s death. Some parts of Madam Lim's body were missing during the post-mortem the next day. Police went back to the scene and found her eye balls and part of a tongue on a grass patch.
SOURCE: Ang Mo Kio Double Tragedy

Clementi Woods Murder
Clementi Woods
On May 26th 2011, derivatives trader, Ang Soo Hoon killed her housemate at West Bay Condominium in West Coast Crescent sometime between 3am and 9.50am. She hid the body in Clementi Woods Park where it was discovered about two weeks later. She was charged in court for the murder of her housemate and will face the mandatory death penalty if convicted.
SOURCE: Clementi Woods Story