Best Places to Snap a OOTD in Singapore

Best Places to Snap a OOTD in Singapore

Everyone can take a selfie. But what makes the art of self-photography visually stunning? Have an amazing backdrop, a perfect brow day and a great dress that goes with the mood of the visual. Additionally, it requires a keen eye and a good smartphone lens to spot such places and bring them to the forefront. To help you get your #OOTD style game on point, we have our Anymap featured user, Beverly, who is a student and a trendy fashionista. She takes you on a picturesque trail with her picks on 'Best Places to snap a OOTD' map in Singapore.

To give you a quick snippet, these are some of her recommendations:

1) Singapore Philatelic Museum

The Singapore Philatelic Museum is a museum about the postal history of Singapore and its stamps. And its architecture generally lends itself beautifully to snaps. A pastel white and orange wall on one of the sides of the museum gives your OOTD a softer feel.


CHIJMES in Victoria Street is a actually 175 years and one just can't take their eyes off this majestic structure. Its also perfect for unwinding after work or chilling out on weekends for a brunch. Spiral staircases, Gothic architecture and a gorgeous main hall - what's there not to like for an OOTD backdrop!

3) Orchard Gateway Bridge

Stroll leisurely along Singapore's busiest shopping belt and you will see the overhead bridge leading to Orchard Gateway. A perfect time to pose and snap your OOTD while walking along this bridge which gives a futuristic feel.

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