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Top 10 Things to do in December 2016

Singapore is constantly bustling with various activities every month. If you are racking your brains on all the cool stuff that can be done here, we present to you a list of various events and entertaining things to do in December 2016. What can be a better way to end the year than have hearty…
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Interesting 1-for-1 Food Deals in Dec 2016

Who does not like a good discount on their food and drinks bill? If you are looking to end 2016 with some 1-for-1 deals, then we have some recommendations for you. Check out our map on ‘1-for-1 Food Deals that you should not miss’ in Singapore. Bookmark the map and check out all the fun…
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Trendy College Outfits for Guys

In between college submissions and hanging out with friends, college guys love to get dressed in the latest clothing fads. If you are properly dressed up, it contributes to your frame of world and makes you feel more confident. And not to forget, it helps you to become eye-catching in front of all the girls…
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Unique Fitness Sessions in Singapore

Most people are always on the lookout to lose a couple of pounds. If your threshold for gym exercises has been lost with a number of gym packages lying unutilized, then these new and fun exercises are just for you. From wall rope yoga to aqua fitness, we have the perfect alternative workout session recommendations…
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