10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

Some places have an inherent chillness surrounding them that could send shiver through your spine. If you want to spot abandoned buildings and have a fearless streak in you, be brave and explore these 11 locations mentioned on AnyMap.

1. Amber Beacon Tower
Amber Beacon Tower
On 15th May 1990, a young girl was stabbed to death by two men here. The murderers were never found and the case remains unsolved to this day. Ever since this incident, there have been claims of sightings of a female figure near this tower, while others allegedly heard screams of help. Amber Beacon has been said to be haunted since.

2. Old Changi Hospital
Old Changi Hospital
Built in 1935 as a British military hospital, Old Changi Hospital was occupied by the Japanese forces in WWII. The hospital was officially closed in 1997, as the patients were moved to the new Changi General Hospital. Screams and shadows can allegedly be seen and heard at some of the wards, which were rumored to be used as torture chambers by the Japanese. Currently the buildings remain abandoned and empty. The area is closed off for the public but tours can be arranged via Singapore Tourism Board.

3. Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel
Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel
In the early 1950s, Brunei was a very poor nation. They had a shortage of teachers and many students were sent overseas in an effort to educate the young. Singapore was one of those destinations. Students used this hostel until 1983, when the foreign study program ended. The building has been uninhabited for more than 25 years.

4. Neo Tiew Estate
Neo Tiew Estate
This is an abandoned HDB estate nicknamed Singapore’s Chernobyl. The area is currently being used by the SAF to conduct Urban Warfare training and is not open to the public. Legend has it the king of the banana trees was apparently planted here and a man, prayed to the banana tree hoping to win the lottery. He threatened the king by sticking 7 needles in the tree and when it worked, he ran off with the cash and forgot to take the pins out. The banana tree died and the spirit of the king lingered on, and continues to haunt the area to this day. Lim Chu Kang estate residents sometimes claim to have seen female banana tree spirits, or pontianak, appearing outside apartment windows - hunting for victims to mutilate and devour.

5. Pulau Tekong
Pulau Tekong
Legend has it that a young soldier who went for his 16km route march got separated from the pack. He was later discovered by his platoon commander with all his insides laid out next to his body. Beds in the recruit's former bunk often shake for no reason and some people even report hearing his voice at night. Apparently a third door was built in the bunk to let his spirit out but he continues to roam the halls.

6. Bedok HDB Haunting
Bedok HDB Haunting
The tale begins with a jilted wife who threw her sleeping 3 year old child down from the 25th floor, after which, she jumped to her death. Before she jumped she wrote “It’s not over, darling” (in Chinese) on the wall with her own blood. Not able to sell the apartment, her adulterous husband moved into the house with his mistress and later had a son who complained about being bullied by his "older brother”. One night the couple found their son standing at the edge of the window. He was, laughing, smiling and waving goodbye to them. One final flying kiss, and he leaped to the darkness. On the walls of the parents room four chilling words were scribbled “This is for mommy” (in Chinese) in black. Till today, the unit is still vacant as neighbors go around telling potential buyers about the history of the house.

7. Sook Ching massacre
Sook Ching massacre
On 20 February 1942, 66 Chinese males were lined up along the edge of the sea and shot by the military police. The beach was the first of the killing sites of the Sook Ching ( "purge through cleansing") operation carried out by the Japanese to get rid of perceived hostile elements among the Singapore Chinese. Many people say the souls of the innocent slain continue to roam the beach, weeping and wailing in the night. Passers-by also claim to have spotted bloodstains.

8. Bukit Brown Cemetery
Bukit Brown Cemetery
Reported sightings of pontianaks, a vampiric ghost, hiding in the trees, and their evil laughter heard at night makes this a very creepy place for a midnight stroll.

9. Human Chess
Human Chess
In the heart of the island,lies a human-sized chessboard likely built at the height of British colonialism. During the Japanese occupation, the Imperial Army took over and used the island to house prisoners-of-war (POWs). Legend has it that the Japanese soldiers lined the POWs on this board and used them as live chess pieces - with every "captured" prisoner being beheaded on the spot. Even today, people hear screams coming from the board at night.

10. Haw Par Villa
Human Chess
Haw Par Villa is a pretty creepy place to begin with and it certainly doesn't help that rumor prevails of it stating that some of the statues are made from actually dead humans covered with wax.

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