The idea

We built Anymap to inspire people to explore the city they live in. We believe that our own city has so much more to offer than most people think. You see McDonald’s and Starbucks everywhere and while we admit a Big Mac can be good at times, there are so many more eateries, shops, activities that can offer similar or better experiences but they do not have the marketing budgets to tell people. So a lot of times the best experiences go unnoticed by most people – this is where Anymap comes in. With it you can let other people know what they should see and do around town. So please join us in our mission and start to re-discover your home town today!


Our Community

Today Anymap is a growing community of people who loves to discover and share interesting places to eat, shop, hang out or anything else. All the content in the app is created by our community and you are very welcome to contribute too! No matter what your interests might be you should be able to find something for you. If it’s not there yet, just create a new map and request the community to help build it!


Our team

The Anymap app is built by a small group of tech and social media enthusiasts. We greatly enjoy building technology that enables people to have new experiences and more fun. As a start-up we work long hours for low pay and mainly live of 5-star reviews and positive feedback from our community. Our aim is that our app will inspire you to be more adventurous and spontaneous while at the same time be a practical tool to find the things you seek. Download our app and let us know what you think!